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for information on current Rescue Poodles with William Penn Poodle Club Rescue.

Adoption fees vary with each dog but average $350-$400.


Why Adopt A Rescue Poodle?

Actually, the question might better be posed as "Why not adopt a Rescue Poodle"? For with a pre-owned member of our glorious breed, you are getting a dog that has already passed through some of the more trying stages of dog ownership (think housebreaking, furniture chewing, etc.). In addition, there are the significant rewards of knowing you have saved a dog's life. Those of us who have rescued Poodles swear that our dogs know it and pay us back with extra devotion.

Why Do Poodles Need To Be Rescued?

There are many reasons, including divorce, illness or death of an owner; or simple abandonment by people who no longer find a dog "convenient". Some dogs are brought to us by their owners, others are dumped at local shelters. Regardless of the reason, for the rescue, we consider each one a special case to be carefully placed in the right home where he or she can get, and give love, attention, companionship and fun.

What Are Rescue Poodles Like?

The average age of dogs needing homes is five to six years, many are older, most are males. All of our placements are pre-screened for temperament problems, or insurmountable health problems. We update Distemper and Rabies immunizations, spay or neuter if needed, take care of teeth where necessary, and screen for heartworm. Frequently the dogs are in foster care. In this case, we will refer you to someone else who has the dog, or to another Rescue Group. Adoption fees are as follows: Toys and Miniatures $200, Standards $300 (for special needs dogs, a lower adoption fee will be charged).

What You Can Do For Us

In order to help support our Rescue work, we are always grateful for any donations, as we receive no outside funding, and the cost of veterinary services continues to rise. Checks may be made payable to the William Penn Poodle Club Rescue Committee, and we thank you on behalf of the dogs you are helping us to save.
We also need volunteers! There are many jobs to be done - from stay at home work like checking references or arranging transportation, to actually providing transportation from a shelter to foster care, or from foster care to and from the vet. Often we need foster homes. Sometimes this means a temporary home, sometimes longterm foster care. Occasionally, a rescued dog needs to be housetrained. With older Poodles, it can take a long time to find a permanent home, since many people don't realize that most Poodles can live to be sixteen, seventeen or even eighteen. Yet, many people find a seven or eight year old "too Old"! Thankfully, there are those for whom these "sweet seniors" are exactly the dog they were looking for. They, and we, know that for a sweet, mellow Poodle who is in good shape, there is a home out there, somewhere. And, that home will be blessed to have such a dog.
Thank you for your interest in our work. Please print, fill out and mail or fax the below questionnaire, and we will do our best to match you with the Poodle of your dreams.

Printable Adoption Questionnaire

Letters to a Rescue Dog, this is a must read!


We also works cooperatively with Watchung Mountain Poodle Club to re-home Poodles of all sizes, colors, and ages in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. An adoption fee is generally required. Their Info Here

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