49th Annual Futurity 
was held Sunday, October 5, 2003

PA National Guard Armory
1047 Belvoir Road
Norristown, PA 19410


The Trophy Table  Our Famous Lunch  It really is a nice Trophy Table! 
Best Mini, Standard & Toy  Judge's husband with Grand Champion, Barclay Lyca Place Your Bet  Gayle's puppy
"Scratch a little lower and to the left, Mom". 
Carolyn's standard
"Where's my Mom"? 
Joan's puppy
"Hey, you, with the camera! Down here"!
Maryann with her boy
"This is how you do it"! 
Pat's girl
"Is this how you want me to stand"? 
Joan's puppy
"Here I come"! 
Barbara's Geo
"This is fun"! 
Bubba & baby
A future Junior Handler! 
Barbara's grandson
What's more fun than poodles & ice cream! 
Maryann & Marion
Poodle Friends 
Watching a brother in the ring  Where friends meet.  "I wanna show too"! 
"Is it my turn yet"?  A puppy on the move.  A judge at work. 
"It's groom time"!  Linda playing "Mommy".  The judge still working. 
"Why can't I show now"!  Lucy waiting.  "Oh boy! Time to go in"! 


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