Code of Ethics

Guidelines for Responsible Breeders

1. All dogs shall be kept under sanitary conditions and shall be given maximum health protection through regular inoculations and proper nutrition. Dogs shall be contained within safe restrictions when breeder/owner cannot personally supervise.

2. Complete and accurate records will be kept for personal records of breedings, litters, pedigrees and puppy owner's names in accordance with the AKC.

3. Puppies shall not leave breeder's possession till at least (7) seven weeks of age but due to variety limitations may be 9-12 weeks of age.

4. All breeders of purebred dogs shall breed to conform to the AKC's Standard of Excellence for the breed, and only from quality, healthy stock. Breeders shall screen for inherited diseases within the breed.

5. Breeder shall provide to new owners written details of feeding, general care, dates and type of vaccinations, wormings, grooming and be available for future advice as needed.

6. Breeder shall not knowingly sell or consign puppies or adult dogs to pet stores, puppy brokers or other commercial dealers.

7. Puppies will be sold with written contracts appropriate for show/breeding or pet quality specifications, guarantees and restrictions. The contract will specify that in the event a puppy/dog cannot remain in its new home, the breeder will be contacted and assist in placement of that dog anytime in its life. Pet/companion puppy owners will be required to spay/neuter all pet quality dogs.

8. Dogs will not be bred till after such an age customary for the breed and after appropriate health testing is accomplished to assure healthy breeding stock. Healthy spacing of litters is recommended.

9. Breeders will permit stud service to quality, healthy bitches, who have been screened for inherited diseases and only to owners who give satisfactory evidence that they will give all puppies proper care and attention and who agree to sell puppies on limited registration unless specifically designated for show or breeding. Adherence to Parent Club (Poodle Club of America) guidelines for responsible breeders is suggested.

10. Prospective owners shall be screened thoroughly as possible to determine their desire and intent for each puppy, and for their interest and ability to provide a safe, adequate, loving home for each puppy or dog they acquire.

11. Breeders will not dispose of any dogs/puppies bred or owned by them in shelters or pounds.

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